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Italians and Romans usually eat together with multiple generations of our family and friends. The legends say that she would also sweep the floor to sweep away the previous year’s problems and leave the family with a fresh slate to welcome the new year. It is the Friday before Easter Sunday. Halloween just passed and now you’re sitting around with a hangover waiting for the next holiday to hit you with some rest, luckily for you today yeah I’m writing this on the 1st of November is one of many Italian Holidays and traditions. The second day of the week is dedicated to the «Red Planet», the most similar to Earth in size and position in our Solar System. Different regions have their own specialty, and many are more like cake than bread, but they’re all downright delicious. At our wakes in the United States, the corpse is usually right in the room with you, open casket and all. Among the participants, you will also recognise those who pay homage to the island’s typical trades such as fishermen, farmers and fan weavers. Dip puffs, approximately 12 at a time, into honey and roll around to coat evenly. Friulian, one of these dialects, is spoken by 600,000 people in the north east of Italy, which is 1% of the entire population. The eight days before Christmas, also known as the Novena, are filled with carolers singing traditional songs around the neighborhood. Holiday traditions play an important role in our lives. We’ll spend a great deal of time talking around the dinner table. I don’t work on Saturdays. Death and funeral programs are a major event in the Italian culture, but most Italian funeral program are times of gravity and dignity for everyone involved without any real theatrics. Web: Queens Funeral HomePhone: +1 718 847 4500Phone 2: +1 718 847 4244. Business culture in Italy is a mixture between a clear hierarchy in the organizational structure and fairly informal business practices and communication. We pray for those of us here today that we will all come to know God in our lives so that we too may prepare for the hour of our death. Never refuse a lunch or dinner invitation in Italy – you’ll definitely offend your host. Easter Sunday doesn’t mark the end of Easter celebrations in Italy. Typically Italian schools break for Christmas holidays from December 23 to the first weekday after January 6. Father’s Day in Italy is in March, not June. Christmas Eve is a time for viewing Italy’s artistic and elaborate manger scenes or Cribs. » We do that in the New Jersey too. We live in a world made of food and travel, and we will share our secrets about Italy, our home country. Carneavle takes place in the weeks leading up to Easter. The heroine of the festival is the «Mugnaia», identified by sources as Violetta, the miller’s daughter, who was dragged to the castle by the local lord who demanded the «ius prime noctis», a medieval practice that obliged girls to spend their wedding night with the feudal lord; legend has it that Violetta got the lord of the castle so drunk that he fainted before consummating the act, she cut off his head and started the popular uprising to free the town from an oppressive government. The ritual has been the same for centuries. Italian culture is steeped in the arts, family, architecture, music and food.

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Charm is deceitful, and beauty empty; the woman who fears Yahweh is the one to praise. AuthorHow we compareSuccess Stories. If you’ve started learning Italian, whether, for pleasure or to improve your professional profile, it won’t be long before you need to learn the days of the week in Italian. Want to make a good impression. In Italy, it’s customary to have a family lunch in the early afternoon on December 25th. Did you know that the tradition of singing Christmas carols actually started in Italy in the 13th century, under the influence of Francis of Assisi. Here are five things to know before traveling to Italy in August. Some places even continue to display their township’s traditional coat of arms. In Italy, the Christmas Eve dinner is called the «feast of the seven fishes» and, as the name suggests, it’s a seven course meal featuring only seafood. For all your banking needs contact an Attijari Bank experienced advisor, to help you. Next up is ever loved pasta or risotto, as a general rule, flavored with springtime vegetables, such as Borlotti, Piselli beans and more Italian varieties. In Italian culture, it’s inappropriate to give someone a present with a price tag on it. Different regions have their own specialty, and many are more like cake than bread, but they’re all downright delicious. Christmas is a major holiday in Italy. Italy featured several smaller nations with their own customs and traditions that were unified in the 19th century and formed the base of the Italian culture today. Whoever does not love, remains in death. Another traditional way Christmas is celebrated in Italian schools is with a Christmas recital just before the Christmas holidays begin. Depending on where you find yourself, you could taste a slice of pizza rustica, a slice of torta Pasqualina, cheese, boiled eggs or a tray bake. This is the list of the best Christmas markets in Italy.

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Ground coffee or soil is often used to highlight flower outlines. Stir in flour and mix well. Mark Festa di San Marco, April 25th. We use food to mark special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, graduations and weddings. Christmas day and Christmas Eve Vigilia di Natale are observed in different ways all over the country, depending on where you are. Depending on where you are in the country, there might be religious processions, ancient palios, parties and food festivals too. So did the family law reform 1975 and the abortion law 1978. It’s important that you’re aware of this when working with Italians as it will impact important areas such as decision making. Comfort us in our sorrow at the death of our brothersister NAME. Some parents use coal shaped sweets as a friendly advice for their children, the implied message to them being «next year behave better». People tend to start putting decorations up around this time, and Romans launch a canon from the Castel Sant’Angelo to officially mark the start of the season. Dip puffs, approximately 12 at a time, into honey and roll around to coat evenly. This is true regardless of your culture. The month of August itself can be described as one long holiday. And await the visit of Babbo Natale who brings gifts to excited, well behaved children. Travel around Northern Italy: Milan, Verona, Venice and beyond. It’s lined with numerous cute cafes and boutiques, and there’s so much history there to learn about. You can also sample some of our favorite Roman Christmas treats in our Taste of Rome holiday tour.

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Italians don’t tend to get married on Friday as it’s thought that evil sprits created this day of the week. Both native Italians and Italian Americans often mark major holidays by participating in ceremonies, celebrations, and rituals their families have passed down for generations. In the image above you see the Christmas market in Bolzano and the image below shows a popular Christmas market in Rome. To be so far from my own home and loved ones — yet feel so welcome with this family — is a memory I’ll treasure for the rest of my Easters. This is true regardless of your culture. In 1754, Bishop Alfonso Maria de’ Liguori signed one of Italy’s most popular Christmas songs, Tu scendi dalle stelle. Bonfires are also lit in San Marco in Lamis, this time lit on a wheeled cart. They tend to be influenced by Italian culture in general. La Settimana Santa di Enna, or Holy Week in Enna, is a series of religious events and processions that take place in the town of Enna, located in the heart of Sicily. Who took part in one of our many fashion internships. Vigilia di Natale is one of the most celebrated events in Italy. Still, many companies are still utilizing home working methods for staff to reduce running costs and offer flexibility. Our website uses cookies to personalize your experience, perform analytics, and tailor ads. Out of all of the holidays stated above, probably Ferragosto, the Festa Della Republica, and the Primo Maggio are definitely the most celebrated Italian festivities. December 8: This holy day and bank holiday commemorates the Immaculate Conception of Mary. While it’s true to say that smoking is completely banned in all indoor public spaces in Italy, many Italians flaunt these rules as best they can. Required fields are marked. This reflects the Catholic values many Italians hold dear. Last but not least, if you plan to spend Christmas and the New Year like the Italians, then you’ll also need to brush up on your Italian greetings. Italy is one of the nations with the most significant economies in the world with a Gross Domestic Product GDP of US $ 2. Coming soon to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami. Francis of Assisi commissioned Giovanni Vellita, a villager of Greccio, in the province of Lazio, to create what was to be the first Nativity scene in the world. All that needs to be done at this point is to wish everybody «Buon Natale.

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And while the Easter Bunny is unlikely to make an appearance it’s not an Italian tradition, fear not, there will be plenty of chocolate eggs to go around. Women who hope to conceive in the new year wear red underwear as red is also the color of fertility. The tradition of the Christmas tree, of Germanic origin, was also widely adopted in Italy during the 20th century. The winner is the person who gets their cheese around the wall in the fewest strokes – and without it falling off. While Italy does not entirely shut down over Easter, some businesses and services may have reduced hours or be closed on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, which is a national holiday. If you’re planning to spend Christmas in Italy or want to bring some Italian holiday cheer into your home, read on for a guide to common Christmas traditions in Italy. In some regions like Puglia, it is celebrated with a traditional cake called «Pupi di Natale» which is made of almond paste and chocolate. The typical Italian food products of the Easter period are cappello del prete, casatiello, colomba di Pasqua, penia, pizzelle and pizza di Pasqua. The popular custom of creating the Nativity scene during Christmas actually originated in Italy. Croatia, Greece and Turkey. In the end, Bobbio et al. Splitting is also not so joint in Italy. Italians refer to the eight days before Christmas as Novena. Remove with slotted spoon onto a plate. Most of the best Italiandishes start with a «soffritto. The museums in Italy attract a lot of tourists. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. As I already mentioned before, this holiday was not centred on religion for our family as we never really practised, but it was an excuse to visit family that lived far from us. Enter your email address for the latest discount codes and special offers across car hire, holiday accomodation and much more. Assumption of Mary / Ferragosto. May 1: The first of May marks Labor Day, and one of the few holidays in Italy where almost all museums and shops in Italy are closed. Paolo and Sabrina were wonderful guides and all of the places we stayed were lovely. Italian business is very relationship oriented and who you know is incredibly important. Workers were invited to celerbate with a day off, performances, horse races and entertainment. Buffalo Mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, lemons from the Amalfi Coast are only some of the worldwide famous products you can taste here. In the past century, nativity scenes have been adapted to reflect modern times and cultures. Family is at the center of the social structure in Italy and provides a stable influence for all its members. Italians especially love opera singing. Another popular tradition is the Easter bonfire. You can also call the toll free anti violence helpline Numero Anti Violenza e Stalking on 1522.

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It is said that the crib scene was first used,when San Francis held his Christmas mass in front of a nativity scene and thepeople were admiring the beauty of the miracle of Christ’s birth in a manger. The two main events during the Vigilia are the Cenone and the midnight mass. Italian Christmas foods vary by region and family. In the United States, Hallmark transformed the feast day into a full fledged commercial holiday. It can genuinely take forever to study everything about animals. Followed by the Pope’s annual «Urbi et Orbi» speech at noon. If you happen to be in Rome during Christmas, don’t miss the opportunity to attend the midnight mass officiated by the Pope in Vatican City. This is because, Italians want to know one another and trust one another before doing any business with you. Life in Italy is a website about Italy and Italian Culture, Food, and Travel. That’s why we’ve put together this guide of our favorite places to spend Christmas in Italy, and what to do in our top 5 cities. A common Italian digestif an alcoholic beverage served after a meal to enhance digestion is amaretto, which is often mixed into cocktails with cognac, vodka, whiskey, or rum. Christmas in Italy is a magical time for kids as well. On January 6th, La Befana fills stockings with candy for the children on the good list and coal for the naughty children. Want to know how to experience Christmas like an Italian. A lot of time in Italian business is spent networking and maintaining business relationships. If you’re in Rome, southern Italy or Sicily, keep an eye out for the zampognari, or bagpipe players—they travel from the nearby mountains to play their merry folklore carols. And then again «una buona mamma vale cento maestre», meaning a good mother is worth a hundred teachers. She is an old lady who, on the night between the 5th and 6th of January, goes to family homes to leave sweets for the good kids and coal to the naughty ones. Christmas Day is when the big present opening extravaganza takes place stateside, but in Italy there is no designated day for exchanging gifts. If someone’s sitting on your right who needs to pour wine, and you happen to have the glass in your hand, don’t pour it. And on this particular Easter, I was fortunate to be with friends in this Italian farmhouse. However, the importance of enforcing environmental legislation is not always fully supported by public opinion.

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Old Italian tradition stipulates that children are brought sweets during the night of January 5 by the Befana, an old witch figure that leaves candies in stockings to good children and coal to the naughty. Street art is ubiquitous in Italy, though it doesn’t always take the form of graffiti. The Canadians are very weather aware, and you should dress according to the weather. Two Christmas trees are worth of notice. Weekly Newsletter From Italy With Love. La Befana vien di Nottecon le scarpe tutte rotteil cappello alla romanaviva viva la Befana. Many cities and towns cheerfully decorate for Christmas with hanging street lights and illuminated trees and buildings; compared to the USA the holiday is less commercialized and more low key. The joy continues with the Feast of the Seven Fishes on La Vigilia, Christmas Eve, and extends with great anticipation into Christmas Day. The cheeses will be whatever is typical of the region. The day after Easter is a national holiday too. «My daughter and I had our meeting at the Consulate this morning. To illustrate here are some of the Italian food customs and traditions you need to know. After you’ve made it through all the courses, it’s time for dessert. What is more, in Italian the days of the week derive from the planets. It is called Derby della Madonnina in honour of one of the main sights in the city of Milan, the statue of the Virgin Mary on the top of the Duomo, which is often referred to as the Madonnina «Little Madonna» in Italian. Just about every culture in the world has its holiday traditions. Employees must also register with the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work Istituto Nazionale per l’Assicurazione contro gli Infortuni sul Lavoro – INAIL. While business meetings almost always start on time in American companies, Italians take a much more relaxed view towards punctuality. In Rome, most major tourist sites are still open daily except for Christmas and New Year’s Day. Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 1055 Marginal Road, Halifax NS B3H 4P7T: 902 425 7770 • F: 902 423 4045Toll Free: 1 855 526 4721 •. At midnight, people throw kitchenware, appliances, clothes, and furniture out of their windows onto the street, a tradition most common in the southern part of the country. Сolorful festivals, held before Lent, are a good tradition in many countries of Europe and Italy is no exception. Another tradition is the burning of the Yule log, which must stay alight until New Year’s Day. However, as a guest, everyone must stay at the table while others finish eating. Interestingly, people in ancient times also covered their mouths when yawning, but that’s because they believed it was a way to stop your soul from leaving your body. The festivals, special foods, and spectacular customs of the holiday season last a glorious three weeks in Italy. Labor Day La Festa dei Lavoratori. Both Marco Belinelli of the Golden State Warriors and Danilo Gallinari of the New York Knicks started their careers in Lega before joining the NBA. Casa Belvedere house with a beautiful view has established itself as a vibrant and buzzing cultural center in New York City. Networking is a vital part of business development in Italy.

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Others have been imported, like Halloween. July 14–16: Festa del Redentore, Venice Feast of the Redeemer; regatta, fireworks. Carnevale in Italy usually lasts about 20 days or so and ends on Martedi Grasso Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras, the day before Ash Wednesday. The Christmas season is full of festivities, and nobody knows Noel quite like the Italians who have some very special and merry ways of celebrating the holiday. Here is a brief overview of Italian food customs and traditions. Ateneo Studia con noi Ricerca Terza Missione International Cerca. The few elements of the work culture that transcend the streets and are deeply rooted in the office environment are the expectations of you to understand Italian and to always be dressed elegantly. Product Safety is protected by law L. Marketing translation services are a valuable tool for any business looking to reach new customers in the Italy market. Such late night revelries often take a darker turn, however Italians’ love for makeshift fireworks and firecrackers sends hundreds to the emergency room every year. The festive celebrations start after midnight mass. In particular, in Coriano, in the province of Rimini, bonfires are lit on Easter Eve,. Tarantella can also be a courtship dance and it is considered unlucky to dance tarantella alone. La befana is a particular tradition in Rome and Bologna, where the main piazzas often host fun activities for children; in Venice, locals believe that la befana arrives every year by boat.

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Traditionally, the person cooking the meal will try to prepare the dishes in different ways. This makes it ideal for Vatican City to be placed in the heart of Rome city. These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. In Italy, there are many traditions related to Easter Italian: Pasqua. Update my browser now. If you are not fluent in Italian, you can hire an interpreter to help you. In fact, one of the oldest gift giving traditions is Epiphany, which is celebrated on January 6th. Be sure to try a slice of panforte, the Tuscan version of the Italian holiday treat panettone. So, if Matteo and Ginevra have a son, he will be named after Matteo’s grandfather. Italy is the largest Catholic country in Europe, and the fifth largest in the world. Also, always shake hands using your right hand and always from standing position. An ancient tradition in southern regions which is rarely followed today was disposing of old or unused items by dropping them from the window. Later, Germanic and Norse people also changed the names with the names of their gods. 24a, b, c Privacy Code and Art. Enjoy the Renaissance heritage and endless vineyards of Tuscany. In the image above you see the Christmas market in Bolzano and the image below shows a popular Christmas market in Rome. In areas of Italy, where the Americans stayed during the Second World War, there is a strong, although small, following of the sport of baseball. If you’ve started learning Italian, whether, for pleasure or to improve your professional profile, it won’t be long before you need to learn the days of the week in Italian. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Disagreeing with superiors is neither uncommon nor rude if you have a valid point. Another popular Italian New Year tradition revolves around red undergarments that are worn to bring good luck. Confirm your e mailPlease leave this field empty. This is another crazy opportunity to meet with friends and families and have a big party all the night long: Capodanno New Year’s Eve normally starts late in the afternoon with the famous aperitivo, followed by a traditional big meal aptly called cenone, «big dinner» and the right party to welcome the new year. So you’ve been looking for that apartment in Italy and after finding a gazillion of them you’re a bit stressed out, and probably thinking that you want to bail on the whole idea of coming over. The final bank holiday of the year, Santo Stefano is a saint’s holiday which allows for back to back free days. Secondo me era tutto era magnifico. A traditional nativity scene, or presepio.

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An old, unassuming woman who flies on a broom to bring sweet treats to kids’ shoes and stockings. » Another interesting and one of the oldest traditions is to gift candy coated Jordan almonds wrapped in tulle to the guests, which represent the bittersweet nature of marriage. Easter is nothing without eye catching, boldly dressed Italian Easter eggs. In 2023, it falls on a Sunday, and some businesses may choose to follow Sunday opening hours. When the Olympics were founded in 1896, volleyball was included in 1883. On December 26th, lunch carries on the Natale festivities. From antipasti up to dessert, from breakfast to dinner, and from Christmas Eve to la Befana day, Italians love Christmas delicacies. People greet each other by giving two light kisses on each cheek, starting with the left side. Although many who follow this tradition make a point of playing the game on New Year’s Eve, it’s still popular in the weeks and days before and after Christmas. The old Befana is a true icon in Italy. The first Nativity scene in Naples is thought to go back to 1025 and was in the Church of S. People bring food and many kiss the dead person goodbye. Baseball is a growing, minor sport in Italy.


I’d enjoy the processions, family dinners and then Pasquetta. Click here to read why travelers love to experience Italy with us. Statista, United States7. You must carry photo ID when you purchase a ticket and when you go to a game. Lentils are thought to symbolise money due to their colour usually green and their flat, coin like shape. On the 25th, we meet with our families to sit around the table for hours. Italians start the New Year off by getting rid of clothing, furniture, and other household items they no longer want or need. Upon hearing the news of someone passing, neighbors and friends will bring food to the deceased’s family, which is shared between the family and guests who come to visit the family at this time. That said, they don’t claim a jolly bearded man from the North Pole left these presents. Submit Your Press Release: lisa @ liveinitalymag. Now let’s move on to the months of the year in Italian. If you’re looking for a classic snowy cabin experience for Christmas, consider basing yourself in the Dolomites Mountains. The Christmas season is full of festivities, and nobody knows Noel quite like the Italians who have some very special and merry ways of celebrating the holiday. It has evolved into a representation of Italy’s national pride and identity, playing a significant role in the country’s history and culture. If you’re from a time focused culture, then it’s easy to become frustrated by this. For instance, in recent years, the scene depicted the front of a sea vessel, to recall the tragedy of the migrants losing their life at sea. Subscribe to our Newsletter. The people in Spello start about 8:30 p. 13 of the EU Regulation 2016/679 Information released pursuant to Articles 13 14 of the GDPR 2016/679​ ​General Data Protection Regulation, read more. THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION.

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The final bank holiday of the year, Santo Stefano is a saint’s holiday which allows for back to back free days. 2000 and entered into force in Italy on 26 October 2000. What is considered the first nativity scene in history a living nativity scene was set up by St. Necessary cookiesThese cookies are needed for this website to work normally. Eating is key to ring in the New Year with good fortune. 100% free, Unsubscribe any time. Famous Italian Winter sports players: Achille Compagnoni, Lino Lacedelli, Reinhold Messner, Walter Bonatti, Eugenio Monti, Paul Hildgartner, Gerda Weissensteiner, Armin Zöggeler, Zeno Colò, Gustav Thöni, Piero Gros. That said, you can watch the Mass via TV or live stream, remotely joining the many Italians who celebrate the holiday this way. Most of the New Year’s traditions in Italy are no exception – they are all about what to eat, how to dress, and what customs to follow in order to ensure good luck for the next 365 days. Or, see the Lighting of the Menorah at the synagogue Tempio Maggiore. People regard yellow as a symbol of jealousy. Punctuality is important in the states. Easter Sunday doesn’t mark the end of Easter celebrations in Italy. In a business environment, this manifests as decisions made from the top down by business owners or a small group of family members. This Catholic holiday takes place on December 8th and while it doesn’t directly involve food, it marks the beginning of the Christmas season, and more specifically the Christmas shopping season. We love celebrating the Epifania Epiphany by attending festivals dedicated to the Befana, where women dress up as the good witch and go around the town’s streets giving children candies while singing. Felix Bensman / Dreamstime. Global Business culture is a leading training provider in the fields of cross cultural communication and global virtual team working. You’re attending a funeral in a remote village in Southern Italy. Don’t forget to write down the vocabulary you found throughout this article and share with us what your Italian Christmas will look like this year. Following the Mass, the hearse would pass the deceased home on the way to the cemetery. The tree at the Vatican is donated from a different Italian region or country in Europe every year.

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We take care in the preparations, and when we eat, we stop and appreciate it. Learn about our Traditional Italian Christmas Day Lunch. As with all cultures, Italians often place a lot of importance on these traditions. THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION. From late November to early January there is a large Christmas market in Piazza Navona; however, it’s become quite touristy and lacks the authentic traditions of an Italian market. There may be grottoes, small trees, lakes, rivers, the lights of «Bethlehem» in the background, angels hung from wires, and occasionally, even local heroes. Given that the country is home to a portion of the Alps, it should come as no surprise that Italians love to ski. Not every meal contains all five courses, but many do. And mascarpone cream like the one for tiramisù. Holiday traditions continue throughout the year in Italy. However, while lateness and mistakes are tolerable, arrogance and rudeness are big don’ts. 8 Swedish Holiday Traditions We Might Just Be Copying This Year. When to decorate the Christmas tree. As such if your Italian colleague is responsible for delivering a task that you feel is important, then make sure you emphasise the importance of the deadline. Thus he chose us in Christ before the world was made to be holy and faultless before him in love, marking us out for himself beforehand, to be adopted sons, through Jesus Christ. In Italy, the Day of the Dead is an opportunity to honor the dead by visiting the cemetery. Most high end hotels hold masked balls during Carnevale and may be able to provide rental costumes for visiting guests. Some are very elaborate, while others are quite simple. Instead, we celebrate. When to decorate the Christmas tree. Enjoy the Renaissance heritage and endless vineyards of Tuscany. One of the services provided by the Funeral Agency is the immediate printing and posting of the large death notices. For thousands of years, Italians have celebrated the season with a variety of customs and traditions. It’s a cake they traditionally bake in the shape of a dove, representing the Holy Spirit. May you guide and strengthen them in their compassion and concern for all the people in their care. Insight cookiesThese cookies allow us to collect anonymous data about the use of the website, the number of visits, the duration of visit and other statistics, enabling us eventually to improve the content of this website. Germany and Northern Europe. Who are their top athletes. It is not customary for all types of food to be served together on the same plate.


In the south, noodles are often dressed with sauces made of olive oil, tomatoes, and spices. If you want to wish somone a Happy Christmas in Italian, then you can say «Buon Natale», while in Sicilian it’s «Bon Natali» and in Ladin a language spoken in some parts of the South Tyrol region you can wish people a «Bon/Bun Nadèl». While expansive gestures are common among Italians, they won’t expect a foreigner to do the same. On Pasquetta, Italians on their scampagnata may have a picnic lunch, or have lunch at a country restaurant. Epifania is another Catholic festivity that I’ll be honest has been changed a bit in the sense that it’s more like mini Christmas. Keep in mind that if you argue with them and point out the boundaries, you can potentially lose their trust. But we foreigners are not such sticklers for upholding regional ideals. Now we wish you ‘Buon Natale’, that means Merry Christmas in Italian. Beloved Easter sweets like the colomba dove shaped cake, pane di pasqua ring cake with colored hard boiled eggs and uova al cioccolato large chocolate eggs filled with surprises are given as gifts and happily consumed by all; they appear in shop windows weeks before the big day. At Italian funerals, the casket is normally open so that people who have come to pay their respects can kiss the deceased on the cheek or forehead — a sign of respect for the deceased; however, families can choose to have a closed casket at the funeral. After these 3 days of merrymaking, the next date is December 31st. We strive to help Italian Americans pursue their goals, obtain the citizenship rights and privileges they deserve and streamline the complex processes and paperwork that might be standing in the way of their dreams. General top tip: five of the Italian days of the week end in dì, which is easy to remember since it’s so close to the English «day». Language is one of the key aspects of the culture of Italy. From the food to the folklore, to cultural expectations, this season is its own universe. Cycling ciclismo in Italian is a well represented sport in Italy. For example, with my group of friends, we meet up for an aperitivo or dinner on the 27th and exchange small gifts.